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  • Quality

    High quality to us is synonymous with sustainability, and that is exactly our goal. This bottle is an investment into our future wellbeing.

    Silikote Protection

    The array of spectrum colors is made possible by our Silikote protection. Silikote is a food grade silicon adhered directly to Borosilicate glass, offering a layer of protection against everyday life. Simply put, Silikote is a fusion of a glass bottle and a sleeve in one unique singular design.

    18/8 Stainless

    The Boroux cap is made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel. 18/8 steel is durable, easy to clean, and ensures a long healthy life for the bottle's cap.

    Pure Borosilicate

    Every bottle we make is 100% pure Borosilicate glass which is thermo-shock resistant and infinitely reusable.

    Silicone, not Plastic

    Silicone is used in place of plastic wherever possible. Silicone is a non-porous material that does not stain or smell, and will not leach chemicals. Additionally, it is not a by-product of petroleum.

  • Shop Spectrum Series

    • Functionality

      We believe products should fit cohesively into your life, making your day just a little brighter.

      • Everyday Usage

      • Water
      • Smoothies
      • Juice
      • Carbonated Beverages
      • All types of essential oils
      • Thick Bottom

      • 6mm thick bottom allows for increased durability
      • Silikote Protection
      • Added Protection
      • Unique Singular Design
      • No Leak Lid

      • 3/4 turn of the cap to guarantee a water tight seal.
      • The added dimples ensure rigidity as well as the ability to easily open and close.
      • Convenient Size

      • 500ml(16.9oz)
      • Ergonomically designed
      • Cupholder compatible
      • Wide Mouth

      • Ice cube compatible
      • Easy to clean
    • Shop Spectrum Series


    Design is in the simplicity, with this in mind we designed the Boroux Spectrum series to include clean lines, steel cap, and add a unique kick of color.

    • Sunset Orange

    • Seafoam Green

    • Citron Yellow

    • Concord Purple

    • Frosted White