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The Boroux Glass Water Bottle was inspired by a need. Our team set out to create a water bottle that was great for the environment, infinitely reusable, and safer than plastic. Boroux glass bottles can be used repeatedly without any harmful chemicals leaching into your water and without adding more plastic to our landfills. With the Boroux glass water bottle, you can have the convenience of plastic without compromising your health or the environment.

What is Borosilicate Glass?


Borosillicate glass is 3X as heat-shock resistant as standard glass. Borosilicate glass contains 80% of silicon dioxide which makes it less susceptible to cracks and breakage. Borosilicate glass is most commonly used in labs, kitchenware, and wine glasses.


Drinking from borosilicate glass allows your beverage to taste as it should. Have you ever drank from plastic and been able to actually taste the plastic? It's because the solubility of the material allows chemicals to leach into your beverages, in turn, allowing you to consume those chemicals. Using Boroux will maintain high-quality beverage taste free of cancer-causing contaminants.


Not all glass is created equally

While all glass may look the same, it is not all the same. Borosilicate glass is far superior to regular glass and lasts much longer. Borosilicate glass is hypoallergenic and unlike plastic, no unwanted chemicals. Drinking from a Boroux bottle will give you peace of mind knowing it is made from 100% high quality Borosilicate glass.

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