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Our Mission

Building a sustainable future.


The Boroux Glass Water Bottle was inspired by a need. Our team set out to create a water bottle that was environmentally friendly, infinitely reusable, and safer than plastic. Boroux glass bottles can be used repeatedly without any harmful chemicals leaching into your water, and without adding more plastic to our landfills. With the Boroux glass water bottle, you can have the convenience of plastic without compromising your health or the environment.


Now comes in two sizes! our original 500ml and the newly introduced 1 Liter. Perfect sizes for carrying daily and even fits perfectly in most cup holders. The wide mouth allows for easy drinking and ice cube compatibility.

Handmade / crafted from ULTRA CLEAR pure Borosilicate glass - a very clear glass which resists heat changes (like pyrex), better than other types of glass. Boroux Glass Bottles are; a non-toxic, BPA free, eco-friendly, and reusable alternative to plastic bottles.

Most water bottles have a skinny bottle neck and narrow mouth that makes washing in the dishwasher impossible. The Boroux Glass Water Bottles’ wide mouth allows for bottles to be placed in the dishwasher for easy and convenient cleaning.


The cap for the Boroux Bottle was designed to ensure that water never touches any surface that would leach chemicals into your beverage. We have added dimples and a rounded stainless steel bottom to ensure rigidity. With a 3/4 turn, the cap guarantees a water tight seal while still allowing for easy access.

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