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Berkey Spigot

Multi Use 

The Boroux Stainless Steel Spigot is designed specifically to fit all Berkey Stainless Steel Systems, and to replace other plastic spigots on the market.

Stainless Steel Spigot

304 Stainless Steel

The spigot is made completely from 304 Food Grade STAINLESS STEEL with no plastic, so no dangerous chemicals will leach into your beverages.

Boroux Spigot


Two Silicone washers securely installed on both sides of the dispenser's wall surrounded by thin stainless steel washer and an internal stainless steel nut secure the spigot for easy no leak use

Beverage Dispenser Spigot

Easy Use

The Boroux Spigot features a quarter turn ball valve design allowing for easy use and a secure seal.